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Houndstooth Shawl!

The Houndstooth Shawls are in!!
The fashion world has recognize the houndstooth shawls as the IN thing now.
Even designer, Valentino has it. ;)
Various ways to style the houndstooth:
+for non hijabis, wear it around your neck, and
+ hijabis can wear it as hijab! :D
Only 2 colours available ladies.
Get yours now!

as neck warmer

2 colours available: Purple & Blue

Purple Houndstooth

Status : SOLD!
Price : RM20
Colour : Purple + Black
Measurements : 0.5 x 1.7m

Blue Houndstooth

Status : SOLD!
Price : RM20
Colour : Blue + Black
Measurements : 0.5 x 1.7m

Purple Plaid Pashmina

This is a warmer and wider version of our Pashmina.
Comes only in Purple Plaid pattern.
Suitable for those who prefer longer and wider shawls :D

Purple Plaid
Status : SOLD
Price : RM20
Colour : Purple (Light plum)
Measurements : 0.6 x 1.8m

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Scarf.Me Soft Pashmina!

The Fringed Pashminas are here!!
Only 2 patterns are available for now.

The material are very soft, light and comfortable unlike normal thick Pashmina shawls, these lovelies will go soft on you :)

Grab em while it lasts my sisters!

Ocean Breeze


Colour : Turquoise + Blue
Price : RM 20
Measurements : 0.8m x 1.4m
(shorter in length but wider than usual)
Material : Light Pashmina Fabric

Mundane Petals

Status : SOLD OUT
Colour : Grey + Red
Price : RM 20
Measurements : 0.8m x 1.4m
(shorter in length but wider than usual)
Material : Light Pashmina Fabric

Updates! Very Soon!

Salam, and Hi!
Dear Valued Customers & Visitors!
Our New Update are coming very very soon!!
I can almost smell it now :)
Teaser (Warning, spoiler ahead! :P)
On this update we will include :
Hold on to those seats! because the update might be today! :D
Laters Dearies!

Scarf.Me Vibrant!

Well, well, this one looks like colourful candy!!
Very Irresistable!!
Only one available unfortunately :(


Status : SOLD OUT -Sorry , this one is NOT Restockable just yet =(
Price : RM16
Measurements : 0.5m x 1.5m
( a lil bit shorter than usual due to different tailor)
Material : Polyester

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Cutting Scarf.Me Ribbons!!

Salam, and Hi there to all sisters! :)
I would like to welcome you all to our humble blogshop named Scarf Me. =)
Today, we marked our first ever posts!
With the passion on scarf patterns, fashion and looks, I myself therefore publish this blog for all the girls out there, hijabis or non-hijabis to be inspired by scarves just like me!
SO, let me do the searching, and let you guys have the pleasure of choosing and shopping for these pretty gorgeous scarves more than you could have ever imagined!
(okay, lets not get carried out here, hehe)
Happy shopping dear sisters!
Salam & Love

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O u r G a l l e r y

    the Taukeh / Manager / kuli

    the Taukeh / Manager / kuli
    Welcome Fellow Shoppers! I hope you love online shopping like i do. Have fun browsing my blogshop as well as other blogshops too! Salam & Splurge On! ;)


For Orders & Inquiries please do mail to :


Text to : 012 - 896 2514

* In your order, please provide :

1) Name
2) Item's Name and Ref. Number
3) Your Mailing Address (along with area postcode ;)
4) Your Contact Number


You guys can just easily fill up our Order Form at the top of our page =) Easy innit?

All payments can be made through:


Once payment has been made, kindly mail me the payment's transfer detail and state the total payment that has been made.


Kindly send me the image/picture of the Cash Deposit Slip if using Cash deposit machine transfers.

Please be informed that this is only for the formal record :)

*our account number and details will be e-mailed to customers.

Thank you ladies :) and Happy Shopping!!

Scarf.Me Terms & Conditions

1) We apply first come first serve basis system. Once item is sold, there will be no refunds,returns or exchange of the items.

2) Payment must be made within 3 days via Maybank or Maybank2u (online).

3) Reservations of item(s) will only be valid for 3 days. Item(s) will be released for sale the moment the reservation period ends.

4) Please be certain when making orders as we do not accept backouts and Missing in Action cutomers. Be noticed that MIA customers will be black listed.

6) C.O.D is not available for the time being.

7) Item will be delivered via postage only.

8) Item(s) will be sent out once payment is confirmed and recieved.

9) All Scarf.Me customers' info and contact details will be treated as private.

10) Item's colour in pictures might be slightly different due to lighting and camera effeciency.

*Scarf.Me shall NOT be held liable for any loss or damage to the items once it's delivered.

Postal charges are as follow :

Peninsular & East Msia :
1 - 2 shawls : RM 4
3- 6 shawls : RM 6
6 shawls and above : will be charged accordingly

All buyers are to bear all postage costs. Unless stated otherwise =)

Thank you Dearies! =D


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